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They are designed to provide maximum dry & wet handling traction.The tread compounds of summer tires are designed to remain more flexible, allowing for better traction and grip. Summer tires may have shallower tread depths that allow for more stability when pushed closer to their limits.

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Summer Hot Tips

  • Cool down quicker by driving with the windows rolled down and the air cranked up
  • Turn the wheel a half turn before getting out of the car. The side you touch is in the shade and will be cooler
  • A hot car can get smelly car. To get rid of the smell tape a dryer sheet onto the air conditioning vent
  • If the car's air conditioning is not working or just needs an extra boost, try a solar-powered car fan
  • Under inflated tires are at risk for blowouts in the hotter temperature.
  • Over inflated tire are more likely to hydroplane in a summer rainstorm.
  • Hot temperatures and low coolant levels increase the risk of your engine overheating and your AC working overtime.
  • The temperature gauge rising, warning lights, steam billowing out from the hood are signs your car is over heating. Pull over to a safe place, turn off the engine, and wait at least a half hour for it to cool down before opening the hood.
  • To prevent sun damage park in a garage when possible and buy a windshield sunshade. Sun damage can cause paint and interiors to fade.
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Summer Tires From Behind The Counter

When researching summer tires look at the performance categories. High Performance, Ultra High Performance, Max Performance & Extreme Performance are performance categories you should use to help determine the best tire to match your driving style. If you want maximum performance you will be happier with summer tires than all season during the warm weather season.
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