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Brake Pad Rotor Hub Assembly Photo

When You Know?

1. Less Than 5 Millimeters Thickness
2. Squealing OR Screeching Noise
3. Metal Grinding AND Growling Noise
4. The Brake Indicator Light Is On
5. Vibrations During Braking
6. Unresponsive Brake Pedal
7. Pulling To One Side While Braking

Brake Pad Thickness

Brakes From Behind The Counter

Brake pads are generally thought to be good from anywhere between 30,000-35,000 miles. If you tend to drive the most often in urban areas or in heavy commuter traffic, you’ll be engaging your brakes a lot more frequently than someone who drives in rural locations or on highways. Some people also tend to “ride the brake,” meaning they press and depress their brakes more habitually than other drivers, causing the brake pads to wear away more quickly.

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