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Enter the first 2/3 letters/numbers written after DOT on the sidewall below. To learn about where the tire came from & who made it.

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Tire Plant Code Kumho Tire USA

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In 2016 Bridgestone has been considered the largest global tire manufacture based on revenue from tires manufactured."Bridgestone Corp. retained the No. 1 spot for the eighth straight year, with tire-related sales of $24 billion, comfortably ahead of Group Michelin’s $22.1 billion and Goodyear’s $14.8 billion, according to Tire Business research." - Source: Tire Business Article
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Tire DOT From Behind The Counter

All tires are required to have a DOT number. Never purchase a tire that has had any part of its DOT number removed or altered in anyway. The last four digits of a tires DOT will tell you the week and year that tire was manufactured.

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