Tire Balancing Rolling Smooth

Every tire we balance is performed on a high speed laser balancing machine. Our balancing equipment manufacture is an industry leading supplier to original equipment manufactures & dealerships across the world. Maintaining our equipment & continuous training helps us offer a higher quality balance than most who do without.

John Bean System III Balancer

Wheel Weights Green Tech

All the wheels weights we use are high quality recyclable. The steel recycling process involves grinding the products, which will detach plastic from steel. Both substances are subsequently separated using magnetic or flotation processes. The result is that both materials are recycled. To learn more about our wheel weight manufacture you can visit there website Plombco Wheel Weights
Aluminum Wheel Weight

Tire Balancing From Behind The Counter

We hear people bring up names of companies after watching videos or reading articles that so & so is better than a laser balance. We have found that our high quality laser balancing equipment developed by some of the best automotive engineers in the industry is very powerful & efficient. We have balanced 1000's of tires perfectly without trouble. This does not mean once in a while you won't throw a wheel weight. It does happen & that is why when you buy tires from us we offer free lifetime balancing.

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