Road Hazard Insurance Protect Your Investment

Buying road hazard insurance is the easiest way to protect your new set of tires. We offer what we believe is one of the best road hazard insurance programs in the industry to our customers. The pricing is good & we have witnessed our customers receive assistance from this program in our stores.

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Not Every Plan Is Equal

FeaturesNYS Discount TireMost Other In-Store PlansOnline E-Website Plans
Plan Coverage3 Years or until 2/32nds tread depthUnknown24 Months or until 2/32 tread depth
Free Replacement Period?First 33% TreadFirst 1/32nds 24 Months or until 2/32 tread depth
Pro-Rated Period?After First 33% Tread Until 2/32ndsAfter First 1/32nds Worn Until 3/32ndsNone
Free Tire Replacement Maximum Amount Covered?100% cost of tire100% cost of tire100% cost of tire originally spent only. (if new replacement costs more you have to pay the difference or wait a few days to have a replacement tire shipped)
Who Pays Up Front For A Free Replacement?Insurance PaysStore Credits InvoiceYou Pay (Have to wait for reimbursement.)
Retail Price Limitations?NoneNone$400+
Replacement Tire Limitations?Must be the same as original. If unavailable a comparable tire.Must be the same as original.Must be the same as original. If unavailable a comparable tire.
Free Flat Tire Repair Coverage PeriodLife Of PlanNoneLife Of Plan
Tire Repair Coverage AmountUp to $20.000%$25.00
Who Pays Up Front For A Tire RepairInsurance Pays At CheckoutYou have to pay.You have to pay and wait for reimbursement.
Flat Tire Changing AssistanceNationwide ReimbursementNoneNone
Plan Coverage AreaNationwide 50 States 1,000s of tire shops Limited to there own store(s) only.Requires Phone Call & Time For Replacement Tires To Be Shipped
Services Not Covered?Mount & Balance Fees, Wheel Alignment, TaxesMount & Balance Fees, Wheel Alignment, TaxesMount & Balance Fees, Wheel Alignment, Taxes
Plan Cost$10+ Per Tire$25+ Per Tire$30.00+ Per Tire

No warranty or guarantee is being implied or expressed. This chart is for comparison purposes only.

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Manufacture Road Hazard What You Should Know

Some of the leading brands of tires have a special road hazard warranty. These road hazard warranties only usually cover the first 2/32nds of tread and do not come with any reimbursement for tire repairs. They do not pay upfront at the counter & usually require time before any reimbursement can be given. Manufacture road hazards (most) do not cover the costs of mounting & balancing after replacement. Most tire brands including some of the big names do not have any warranty for road hazard whatsoever. If you would like to add security to your tire purchase it is strongly recommended to purchase road hazard. You can purchase road hazard during your next tire store visit.

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