Tire Mounting Right On

Every tire we mount is performed on a high quality tire changing machine. Our tire mounting equipment manufacture is an industry leading supplier to OEM & dealerships across the world. Maintaining our equipment & continuous training helps us offer a higher quality installation.

Tire Machine

Wheel Sizes




We can mount tires & wheels up to 26" inches. We also can install bobcat, trailer, ATV, Motorcycle & most other tires on a rim. The table below displays the pricing we charge for installation when you buy your tires somewhere else for us to install. If you buy tires from us we include the price of installation in the price quote.
Tire Installation Pricing
Tire Profile
Example: 205/55R16
Has a 55 profile
Cost Per Tire
60 Series and Higher$15.00
50-55 Series$15.00
40-45 Series and Higher$20.00
35 Series Series and Lower$30.00
Additional Installation Fees
Rubber Valve Stems$0.00
TPMS Service Kit Install Only $10.00
Tire Recycling$2.50
Run Flat Tire Service$5.00
Full Size SUV & Trucks $0.00
Shop Fee % of Install $0.00
Optional Premium Services
Premium Chrome Low Profile Weights$10.00
Metal Valve Stems$10.00
Wheel & Tire Storage Annual Fee Per Tire$20.00
Wheel & Tire Storage Annually$20.00
Life Time Balancing & Rotation$5.00
Pre-Mounted Package Installation$6.25
Nitrogen Tire Inflation$5.00
Pirelli Tire Install

Tire Mounting From Behind The Counter

Professional tire installation limits your chances of having damaged sensors & unnecessary wheel abrasions. Experience with 1000's of tires & working with many different types of vehicles does make a big difference. Tire installation needs to be performed by a professional.

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